Last week we talked about some of the things parents reported as being not helpful. This week we thought it would be useful, given how many people our in our children’s lives, to have a way to share some of the most important information about them. Below is a template that might be helpful.

A Letter to My Child’s Provider….

(Today’s Date)

Dear (Doctor, Teacher, Therapist),

I’m writing to you because I know you are busy, work with many children, and don’t have time to read volumes of specific information about my child. And whether you are new to my child or have worked with (him/her) for years, I bet you will find in this note something you didn’t know!

First, I want you to know that (child’s name) is (age) years old and was diagnosed with autism (number of months or years) ago.  Getting this diagnosis was not easy for our family. With your help, we are doing the best we can to help (child’s name) learn and grow.

(Child’s name) communicates by (specifics of child’s communication).

(Child’s name) can easily get overwhelmed with too much sensory input such as bright lights, loud noises, and strong scents. (He/She) can also become unsettled in unfamiliar settings and when having to wait. (Child’s name) does best with predictability and structure so change is difficult.

Some things that are very hard for (Child’s name) include (specifics for that particular provider such as looking in his ears or at his throat).

Some clues that (Child’s name) is getting upset include (describe what child says/does/looks like when anxious or irritable).

Some things that help (Child’s name) to calm down include (specific things to say or do).

(Child’s name) needs help with the following: (specifics for each provider/setting).

The things I worry about most with (Child’s name) are (specific safety issues or concerns).

Some things I would like you to watch out for and let me know about include: (specifics you want to be informed about).

(Child’s name) is a great teacher! Some things I know you will learn from (him or her) include:

Thank you for taking time to read about (Child’s name). It means a lot to us to know we are important to you!

With gratitude,

(Your signature)