“Hakuna Matata- what a wonderful phrase. It means no worries….”.

For many families living with autism, something as simple as going to a movie, or out for dinner can present challenges, filling families full of worry about the what-ifs. Fears about tantrums, meltdowns, yelling or humming and the responses from those in the community can at times, make options for family activities feel limited. 

But we know how important it is for kids, and adults living with autism to engage in their community. To participate in the things that make Seattle so vibrant; our restaurants, art, music and theatre opportunities.  

Recognizing the limited options for engagement with the arts that exist for individuals with autism and their families, the wonderful team at Seattle Theatre Group, Disney Theatrical Group, TDF and our community partners are proud to offer a sensory-friendly performance of Disney’s The Lion King for the first time in Seattle. On January 5th at 2 pm, the Paramount Theatre will be full of vibrant costumes, the spirit of the Lion King and up to 3000 individuals, families and friends living with autism spectrum disorders for a dynamic, engaging and sensory sensitive performance.

This show will be performed in a supportive and judgement-free environment for families and friends with Children’s or adults affected by autism and other developmental disabilities to enjoy the shared experience of live theatre.

This event is exclusive for members of the community who have a family member or friend on the autism spectrum, or in need of a sensory-friendly environment may purchase tickets to this performance. Slight adjustments will be made to the show and lobby to providing accommodations for a range of sensory need and sensitivities.

We are so grateful for this opportunity for our families, and hope you all take advantage of this unique, and exciting opportunity.

Ticket prices range from $15-$50 and up to 9 tickets per order are allowed.

Purchase tickets at stgpresents.org/access

To purchase tickets in person; come to the Paramount Theatre (911 Pine Street) Monday – Friday 10:00am-6:00pm or call 206.682.1414