It has been one whole year since we leaped into the blogosphere and launched The Autism Blog.

We set out to provide a resource to parents, caregivers and families affected by autism. We wanted to write from our heart, but also with our head, as we know a Google search on “autism” can be so confounding and lead to so many more questions than answers. That said, we have picked and chosen the topics we covered carefully. Today we want to share with you what has been most popular (based on the number of page views) and what we hope to do in the next year.

So here they are, The Autism Blog’s top 10

    1. Telling Your Child They Have Autism by parent Karen Kaizuka and Felice Orlich, PhD
    2. Why the Sharp Rise in Autism Rates? by Charles Cowan, MD
    3. Autism and Acceptance by Lynn Vigo, MSW
    4. Insights into Autism Prevalence From Two Recent Studies by Charles Cowan, MD
    5. DSM-5 and Autism- An Update From the Front Lines by Bryan King, MD
    6. Choosing A Summer Camp by Katrina Davis
    7. Autism Prevalence Rate Increases to 1 in 88 Bryan King, MD
    8. Autism and Things We Would All Rather Not Think About Erin Easley, MSW
    9. Preschool to Kindergarten- The Transition IEP Meeting Noa Hannah, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCBA-D
    10. Autism and General Education interview with teacher Chris Cooper

What do you think, any surprises? The new data regarding autism prevalence and changes to the DSM are obvious topics that generate discussion and command attention, but are you surprised our number one post in a whole year is about telling your child they have autism? That blog was actually generated by a reader (thank you Karen!) that asked us that very question, “How do I tell my child they have autism?”

We have upcoming blogs about IEPs, safety, difficult to treat behaviors, the evaluation process, and transition to adulthood. We’re also committed to sharing the latest events and educational opportunities on our new Classes and Events page.

So what do you think? What do you want to hear about? Thank you for a wonderful year!