Join us this Saturday, October 24th, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. for a fun and safe trick or treating experience inside the festive and familiar halls of Seattle Children’s Autism Center. Families with children with autism are invited to wear their Halloween costumes, play in our decorated lobby and practice trick or treating at the center. All ages are welcome, including siblings and friends! A special social story will be available to all visitors to take home to prepare for Halloween.

Tips for Creating an Enjoyable Halloween for Children with Autism:

  • Let your child practice wearing their costume.
  • Write a social narrative describing what your child will do on Halloween.
  • Create a visual schedule.
  • Practice trick or treating in a familiar environment.
  • Keep trick or treating session short and comfortable.
  • Use role play to practice receiving and/or giving treats.
  • If your child with autism has difficulty with change, you may want to gradually decorate the house.
  • Halloween looks different for every child on the spectrum. Use your intuition and follow their lead. If you only make it to three houses, it’s okay!