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Autism 209: Let’s Talk About AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorder

This month’s Autism 200 Series class is Autism 209: Let’s Talk About AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our instructors are Megan Pattee, MS, CCC-SLP and Jo Ristow, MS, CCC-SLP

Many children with ASD face challenges communicating. Luckily, communication is more than the words we speak. The goal Read full post »

The University of Washington Establishes a Program for Autism Inclusion

The University of Washington has established the Mentoring, Organization and Social Support for Autism Inclusion on Campus (MOSSAIC) program to support the growing number of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) on campus.

MOSSAIC uses an empirically supported intervention strategy (peer mentoring) to provide organizational and social support to help UW students with ASD and related challenges reach their individual goals (e.g., navigation to campus resources, assistance with time management strategies and tools, strategies for communication with professors or partnered/group work, etc.).

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Embracing the Independence of a Teenager with Autism

I’m the parent of a fourteen-year-old son, and sometimes it feels like he doesn’t like me very much. He barely speaks to me at all, and when he does he’s likely to be listing my faults. He hates my rules and has opinions about my politics. He prefers to spend time alone in his room, and he makes fun of the way I talk. He’s even mentioned on multiple occasions that he’d like a new mom.

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Autism Moms – How a Facebook group helps a community find strength

Of all the emotions you go through with one or multiple diagnosis of autism, the one that hit me the hardest was isolation. Living in a typical world with very non-typical children.  I felt like the only one struggling which just reinforced my already judgmental mindset of “what are you complaining about, all parents are tired!”. 

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Autism 208: Hiding in Plain Sight: Girls With Autism Spectrum Disorder

This month’s Autism 200 Series class is Girls With Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ASD is disproportionately diagnosed in males over females, possibly because of genetic and neurological protective effects but also because of biases in the way in which clinicians and the community view autism as a “male” disorder. In this presentation, we will review the recent research on females with ASD and focus on females with ASD from a cultural and clinical perspective. We will discuss how ASD Read full post »