For some families, the end of a typical year brings celebrations, gatherings, and beloved traditions. But, like many other things during 2020, the holiday season will be very different for many people this year.

Below, we’ve collected a set of resources that may help – you’ll find a social story to explain how holidays will be different this year, a range of coping strategies for caregivers and kids, and a reminder that flexibility with our expectations can be valuable in easing the challenges that holidays often bring.

• “Holidays In 2020” Social Story – Available in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Burmese, and English (from ASERT in Pennsylvania):

• Coping with Holiday Stress for Caregivers (from the Mayo Clinic):

• Supporting Children and Teens During this Holiday Season (from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network):

• Happy Unconventional Holidays to You and Yours (Lynn Vigo, MSW, LICSW):

We wish you a healthy new year!