COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on school programming and academic planning this year. We have heard from many families that school is their #1 stressor right now, during what is an already overwhelming time for society. There was no manual for schools to follow on how to educate children during a global pandemic, and plans had to be put into place quickly and without the luxury of time to think through best options for children with special needs. Unfortunately, appropriate school programming for children with special needs proved to be a significant challenge this spring; extensive planning has been underway to better prepare for success this fall. You as a parent of a child with special needs can take action by educating yourself on special education law and what special education and remote learning can look like in these COVID-19 times. Here are two resources that may be helpful for families:

Consider registering for SPARK’s upcoming (free!) webinar on August 19th at 9am PST on educational advocacy during COVID-19 presented by Gary Mayerson, an attorney who founded a civil rights law firm dedicated to representing individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Attorney Mayerson will share information and tips on how to get the most out of remote learning. He will also share more about how to shape your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Click here to learn more about the webinar and to register:

Also check out a recent Q & A with well-known special education lawyer, Peter Wright on Special Education Law and Advocacy during the Time of COVID-19