Feeling guilty or overwhelmed that you have not set up the homeschool program you have seen online? Struggling to create a new routine for you and your family? Feeling isolated and anxious and having difficulty adjusting to this new normal? You are not alone!

Watch this panel discussion from staff at Seattle Children’s that was facilitated by Kashika Arora and featured

• Scott Hampton, Manager of Seattle Children’s Educational Services
• Tyler Sasser, Psychologist with the PEARL Clinic, a subspecialty of Seattle Children’s Outpatient Psychiatry
• Kendra Read, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Anxiety Programs, a subspecialty of Seattle Children’s Outpatient Psychiatry
• Jim Mancini, Speech and Language Pathologist with the Seattle Children’s Autism Center

This panel discussion addresses concerns around managing family life, difficult behaviors, school/academics in the home environment, anxiety and stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recommendations around anxiety coping strategies, managing learning needs, setting up schedules and routines, and managing difficult behaviors are discussed.