joeyWe’d like to introduce you to the newest and perhaps busiest member of our Seattle Children’s Autism Center team. Meet Joey, intern extraordinaire.

This is a paper about a place that I love. There are multiple things that I love about this place but I will only talk about a few things. The topics that I will be talking about are how I got there, great staff, what I do and what I learned while working there.

The first topic is how I got there. This year I am in a transition program at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This program is for students who are in their last year in Seattle public schools. This program is all about learning job skills so that all of us can get a job after this year. Throughout the year all nine students who are in the program are doing three job rotations. I started out by working at Seattle Children’s in the cafeteria, wiping down tables and chairs. While I was doing that, my job coach was trying to figure out what my next rotation would be. My job coach told me that he was trying to find somebody to work at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center and when he met me he knew that I would be a good fit because I love kids and I love working with people.

The next topic is how great the staff is. When I first walked in the building I met the two best people whom I was going to be working with and I knew right away that I was going to love the staff.

The first two people were Erin and Katrina and they are the nicest people ever. There are many great things that I like about Erin, but I will only say one thing, I really like how she sometimes eats her lunch early with me to keep me company. One of the things that I like about Katrina is that she always has a smile on her face when I see her.

My next topic is what I do at the Autism Center. The first job I do in the building is working in the feeding program. Sometimes they have me copy stuff for them and one of my bosses named Erin helps me do that. Another thing that I do is washing toys. The next thing that I do is to make sure that the room by the front desk is clean and tidy. I also get to play with the kids as they wait for their appointment. I have a box of games that I bring out so that the kids can have fun as they wait. The last thing that I do is work in a classroom where the kids get to play. What I do is I wash toys that the kids put in their mouths. I also wash the dishes that they use for lunch and snacks.

The next topic is what I learned while working. First, I learned to be careful of opening a door while holding something that is big. Second, I learned that I can’t ask to hug a kid. I can hug them only if they ask to hug me. Third, I learned that it makes my day when I walk into the room and the kids are happy when I have games to play with them.

In conclusion, I love working at the Autism Center. I am always happy when I know that I get to work there every morning. Every night when I come home I am always thankful to have this job. Thank you very much for this opportunity.  

Your intern,  


We’re so fortunate to have Joey with us and look forward to hearing more from him!