In celebration of Black Futures Month, the Autism Center welcomes guest author Vanessa Allmon, EDI Program Manager. Vanessa works to lead the antiracist and health equity work for our department.

During last November’s Conversations About Autism panel program, Autism and the African American Experience, the Autism Center presented African American families who shared their stories about raising children on the spectrum. This Black Futures Month we should take a moment to reflect on the stories shared by African American members of our community. And, most importantly we should apply their advice to ensure that we are engaging African American families in ways that are welcoming and respectful. We are reaching back to highlight this very meaningful  program as an expression of our on-going gratitude to the panel for better informing our approaches to care. In the autism community the lifting up of African American voices and expertise navigating the health needs of children on the spectrum needs to happen year-round and regularly, and the Autism Center is committed to continuing to dedicate time and space to center African American families, and to learn from their perspectives and experiences. If you did not yet have a chance to watch this panel, we definitely recommend it as one source of insight (watch here).

Vanessa Allmon, EDI Program Manager

Each year the Autism Society posts a Black History Month Tool Kit on its website, hopefully you will find its resources helpful.

February 2022 Resources: Honoring Black History Month | Autism Society