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Conversations About Autism: Feeding & Other Considerations

Mom helping child eat

Please join us as we continue with our new video series, Conversations About Autism, which replaced our Autism 200 lectures, for this month’s conversation titled – Autism and Feeding: Safety and Medical Considerations

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Please Wear a Mask – Music Therapy Video

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Parenting in Stressful Times: Facebook Live Panel


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Facebook Live Panel- Coping with COVID-19 Video

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Getting An Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis – A Podcast

What to do when waiting for an autism evaluation? Pediatrician, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, and Jim Mancini, a speech-language pathologist and coordinator of parent education and support at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, discuss the autism diagnosis process. Mancini shares his tips and recommendations for parents who may be on long wait lists.