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The Autism Center Has Moved

Seattle Children’s Autism Center has moved from the Lisa Li building (4909 25th Ave NE) to Seattle Children’s Magnuson (6901 Sandpoint Way NE), which is conveniently located just one and a half miles from our Seattle Children’s hospital campus. We are now seeing patients at the new location starting today, Monday, December 12, 2022.

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The Autism Blogcast – March Edition

News Flash: Raphe Bernier, PhD and James Mancini, SLP were invited to visit the Vinmec Hospital in Vietnam to provide trainings and metrics on the diagnosis and treatment of autism as well as discussions about scientific research on the exploration about the possible causes of autism.

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Autism & Intellectual Disability

Today we share an interview with Dr. Jennifer Gerdts, PhD, clinical psychologist.

Lynn: When did the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ( DSM) classification change from Mental Retardation (MR) to Intellectual Disability (ID) and why?

Dr. Gerdts: The official DSM classification changed from MR to ID in 2013 when the DSM-5 came out, along with the change to use “Autism Spectrum Disorder” instead of Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, and PDD-NOS. Prior to this official DSM change, a federal statute in the United States called “Rosa’s Law” (named after a young girl with Down syndrome) mandated the replacement of the term MR with ID in 2010. The DSM was updated to be consistent with the new name. Official diagnostic terms describing people with Intellectual Disability have changed over the years and undoubtedly ID will be replaced with another term in the future at some point. Read full post »

Understanding Autism DVD- Available Online

Today we share a new resource that has just been made available online!

Understanding Autism: Reflections and Insights from Parents and Professionals is a DVD created for families following an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in their child. It is intended to provide support via parent stories from other families with children on the autism spectrum as well as useful information from experts in the field. The content is approximately one-hour long and is available freely online in the “Videos” section of the Seattle Children’s Autism Center resource page.

The Understanding Autism DVD was created by the University of Washington READi Lab and ASAP! Program.

We hope this resource is helpful and that you share it with others. Thanks!

Autism and IQ

Cognitive testingAn interview with Kelly Herzberg, MEd, CSP (Kelly has a Masters Degree in Education and a Certified Specialization in Psychometry.)

We get many questions from parents about the various clinical tools used in the evaluation of autism spectrum disorder. In today’s blog, Seattle Children’s Autism Center psychometrist, Kelly Herzberg, gives us some answers. 

1. What is IQ? How is it defined?

IQ is the abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient. Intelligence Quotient is a score that is obtained from one of several standardized tests that have been created to evaluate human intelligence. These standardized tests are administered and scored in a consistent (standard) way by a specially trained provider. The tests help us learn what information a Read full post »