This week we are featuring the perspectives of siblings that have a brother or sister with autism.

theautismblog: Your name and age:

Margaux, 10 years old.

theautismblog: Your sibling’s name and age:

Audrey, 13 years old.

theautismblog: What kind of things do you do for fun?

I like to swim, play with friends, go online, write, read, and go to the park.

theautismblog: What kind of things does your sister do for fun?

Audrey likes tp swim, go to the park, use Lego’s, watch TV, and type.

theautismblog: Do you guys spend much time together? What do you do?

When Audrey and I spend time together (which we do a lot), we usually swim or go to a park. Sometimes we watch Veggie Tales, which is the only show she likes that I can watch without screaming.

theautismblog: What have you taught your sisister?

How to spell a few words and sign a few signs. 

theautismblog: What has your sister taught you?


theautismblog: What kinds of things are hard to do with your sister?

Travel. We’ve never tried it because she’d never be able to handle a plane ride. Also, go to the mall, because she will literally THROW herself on the floor and SCREAM at the top of her lungs to get Cinnamon Sticks from Cinnabon.

theautismblog: Can you think of a time you felt really proud of your sister?

When she got 2nd place in the Special Olympics Assisted Swimming, when she went to a four-night overnight camp and was apparently “No trouble at all”, and when she learned to read.

theautismblog: Does your sister ever embarrass or frustrate you? If yes, how do you handle it?

Funny you asked. Just a few weeks ago she came downstairs naked while I had a friend over.  She actually does it a lot, and usually I manage to run and push her back up the stairs before she comes completely down.

theautismblog: Is there anything your family hasn’t been able to do or it’s been harder because of your sister?

Like I said before, vacations and malls. Audrey wouldn’t do well in one seat for a long time.

theautismblog: How is your day-to-day life affected

Audrey has to get up really early for school, but I get to sleep in. My room is on the bottom floor.

theautismblog: Do you feel like you get enough attention from your parents?

When I was younger, no. But now we have a behavior specialist for Audrey and it’s getting a lot better.

theautismblog: What kinds of things do you do for fun with your parents? Does your sister ever affect this?

Not usually. We have three babysitters or so, so if I’m doing something Audrey doesn’t like, we can almost always get one of them. 

theautismblog: Where do you go if you need space from your sister?

My bedroom. Audrey is never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever allowed in there, unless I ESPECIALLY give her permission to come in.

theautismblog: Do you have any friends that also have a brother or sister with autism? If yes, how did you meet them?

No super close friends, but I am in Sibshops at Children’s Hospital so my friends there have the same problems I do. 

theautismblog: Are there support groups for kids and teenagers that have siblings with autism? Are you part of any?

Like I said before, Sibshops. I look forward to it as much as a birthday party or Christmas.

theautismblog: If you put yourself in your sister’s shoes, what do you think they would say about you as a sister?

I’m an annoying little sister who hugs her every chance I get.

All week we are sharing the perspectives of siblings who have a brother or sister with autism. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s interview with Justin and stay tuned for tomorrow’s interview with 25 year old Tammy.

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