Please join us for Autism 205: Selective Eating in Children with Autism 

Seattle Children’s Pediatric Feeding Program Clinical Dieticians Kim Nowak Cooperman, Lisa Holman and Lauren Mozer will provide an overview of the eating issues commonly seen in children with autism, with a focus on food selectivity (picky eating). They will also discuss nutrition risks commonly seen in selective eaters, the ways in which nutrition can play a role in working with other members of your child’s care team and first steps parents or caregivers can take in supporting their child nutritionally. Contributions to this presentation were made from Danielle Dolezal, PhD, BcBA who runs the Pediatric Feeding Program at Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

Date: May 20, 2021

Time: 7-8:30 pm PT

Registration is not required

Watch live on Seattle Children’s Facebook page

Following the presentation, it can be viewed on Seattle Children’s Facebook and will be added to Seattle Children’s Autism 200 YouTube channel within two weeks of the lecture date.


Kim Nowak-Cooperman, MS, RD, CD

Lisa Holman, MS, RD, CD

Lauren Mozer, MPH, RD, CD