Food As Connection

I decided when I was about my daughter’s age, that food rules all. It’s the great connector of people. Through our experiences, hearing the stories of those since passed, creating magic in the kitchen, and sharing that around the table is how we are able to learn, grow, heal, and connect as a species. Read full post »

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Different Coming Out

Lisa L Wasikowski is an ASD self-advocate who lives in the Seattle area with her husband and daughter.  We are grateful for her generosity in sharing her personal journey, insight, and reflections with Autism Blog readers. 

Someone asked me to describe my ASD “coming out story”. Well, this is effectively it.  I’ve told a handful of people, and currently wonder how to deal with regrets.  When you’re the kind of person who lives as an open book, something like this won’t stay secret for very long, and since some people know, and people like to discuss, I’m sure it’s leaked beyond my pool.  Now, it’s in the public eye of discernment.  Take it for what it’s worth to you, and kindly move on.  Read full post »