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Meet Stories of Autism founder, Charlie Cotugno

A family photo session was one of our red flags for autism. Our daughter had just turned two and the portrait was supposed to be for our holiday card. The little girl who previously had been all smiles for the camera wouldn’t keep her shoes on and cried as if it was painful for her to look at the photographer. He managed to get one shot we decided would have to be good enough but he insisted we take a few of the bad ones too. He cheerily told us that one day, we’d all look at it and laugh. Something in my mommy being didn’t think so.

Fast forward to Spring 2006 – seven years post diagnosis – when I saw a message on a parent list-serv inviting parents to have their child photographed for an autism awareness project. Memories of that Read full post »

What Is It Like to Live With Autism?

Today’s blog is written by Ben Moore. Ben, age 26, recently shared his insights about life with autism at Seattle Children’s Autism 200 class in November and we couldn’t get enough of his honest, heartfelt answers. Today he shares a little more.

What is it like as an adult living with autism?

Like, how do I even answer this? Let’s see… It’s hard at times. Sometimes there’s too much loud noises. Sometimes people speak too fast – their language gets scrambled and jumbled when I hear it. When I speak, often times what I intend to say is not what comes out of my mouth. Most times it’s hard to sustain my attention for prolonged periods. I can be blunt and easily hurt others’ feelings (I try really hard not to). Read full post »

Not Far From the Tree?

Kids with Autism and Their Parents

I recall a provider telling me, years ago, that kids with autism have parents who have traits of the disorder themselves. I didn’t question him but I did take offense at that statement. This was back when I was still wrestling with worries that I somehow contributed to or caused it for her. 

I also recall at her initial evaluation, as we were asked about our own developmental and family history, telling Dr. Cowan that I had been a painfully-shy, worry-wart child/teen/young adult. At annual conferences, my parents were told that I was a good student but I wouldn’t come out of my shell. I couldn’t decide if Sister Gregory thought I was a turtle or a nut and my mom couldn’t reconcile that at home I wouldn’t shut up but at school I barely spoke a word.  Read full post »

Autism 200 Series 2015 Line Up

autism 200

This month kicks off a brand new line up of Autism 200 Series lectures for 2015. This month’s lecture will be held Thursday, January 15, 2015, at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Wright Auditorium from 7 to 8:30 p.m.. These classes are designed for parents, teachers and caregivers. The topics associated with the majority of classes are applicable to all age ranges and for a wide variety of children diagnosed with autism.

Join clinical psychologist, Raphael Bernier and speech pathologist, Jim Mancini, from the Seattle Children’s Autism Center for our annual “State of Autism in 2015” presentation. They will discuss: advances in research from genetics to broccoli sprouts; changes to statewide systems including DDA, updates on ABA and neurodevelopmental therapy coverage and trends affecting the statewide education; and how has autism spectrum disorder been covered in the Read full post »

Pacific Science Center’s Autism Early Open is Back

The Pacific Science Center is proud to present ‘Exploration for All: Autism Early Open‘ this Saturday, from 8-10 am, for all families affected by autism. Family and friends are invited to explore the Pacific Science Center during a special free morning visit, before the center is open to the public. It is a chance to view the exhibits without heavy crowds and with softened noise and visual stimulation levels wherever possible. 

This Saturday will be the first of many early open events at the Pacific Science Center for the autism community this year. With a generous grant from Safeco Insurance, the Pacific Science Center will be able to host an early open each month throughout the year. The grant allows the Pacific Science Center to Read full post »