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A Farewell Tribute to Dr. Chuck Cowan

Delivering bad news can be done well and it can be done poorly. Each parent of a child with autism has his or her own story of receiving the diagnosis. In our case, 13+ years later, I vividly recall the date of our appointment, that I was wearing a favorite blouse, superstitiously hoping it would influence the outcome, and that it was one of the hardest days of my life.

I had asked that we be referred to “the autism doctor at Children’s”. Back then, there were few who were interested in working with our kids. I want to share with you today our story of the doctor who diagnosed our child and what he means to our family.

Dr. Chuck Cowan broke my heart that day – and then spent the last thirteen years helping it to heal. Read full post »

Autism and Participating in Research

BoyThinking About Participating in Autism Research?  Here’s What You Need to Know.

Over the past few decades, our knowledge about autism has expanded tremendously, thanks to the many research studies that have been conducted. Through research, we have begun to learn about autism’s causes, effective treatments, and how to best diagnose autism. If you are a parent of a child with autism, maybe you’ve considered having your child participate in a research study. But you might also have some reservations about participating, or maybe you’ve wondered: what’s in it for my child and our family? Read full post »