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What I Want My Child’s Providers to Know

Last week we talked about some of the things parents reported as being not helpful. This week we thought it would be useful, given how many people our in our children’s lives, to have a way to share some of the most important information about them. Below is a template that might be helpful.

A Letter to My Child’s Provider….

(Today’s Date)

Dear (Doctor, Teacher, Therapist),

I’m writing to you because I know you are busy, work with many children, and don’t have time to read volumes of specific information about my child. And whether you are new to my child or have worked with (him/her) for years, I bet you will find in this note something you didn’t know! Read full post »

Tips from Parents to Providers on Working with Kids with Autism

Everything You Always Wanted to Ask Your Patient’s Parents but were Afraid to…

I’m always impressed with the great questions people ask when I’m doing a talk about the impact autism has on families. Whether it is new med students or pediatric residents in dentistry, the genuine interest and desire to learn gives me hope that these future providers of services to our kids will do their best to make things a bit easier for families.

I usually tell those in attendance that they should feel free to ask me anything and everything, as my skin is pretty thick after all these years. I was recently asked this insightful question by a resident in emergency medicine: Read full post »