Ask Dr. Emily: Don’t Google the Word Autism

Welcome to the July edition of Ask Dr. Emily!

We often receive questions that we want to share with all our readers. To help with this, Dr. Emily Neuhaus, a clinical psychologist at Seattle Children’s Autism Center, will share insights in a question and answer format. Read full post »

Ask Dr. Emily – Meet the New Dr. Emily and Discussing Diagnosis with a Teen

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Seattle Children’s Hospital. It has been such a pleasure and privilege to be on this journey with you all, and I thank you for your loyalty to Ask Dr. Emily, for your authenticity, and for keeping me on my toes with your inquiries. While family and life pull me away from my duties here, I am proud to introduce you to a colleague and dear friend of mine, Dr. Emily Neuhaus. Dr. Neuhaus is a clinical psychologist at the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, who has many years of experience and expertise to share with you all. Coincidentally, the name of the blog gets to stay—this was meant to be!

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